Share Your Faith in Jesus
By Sharing Your Testimony!

Writing & Sharing Your Testimony
Surveys indicate only 5-10% of Christians share their Faith in Jesus Christ. The best way to share your faith is by sharing your own personal testimony. Write out your testimony so you are prepared to share it with others. Learn how to write your personal testimony Click Here.

Why Christians Don't Share Their Faith?

Surveys indicate only 5-10% of Christians Share Their Faith in Jesus Christ. 



Didn’t know Jesus Commanded us to. 
Don’t feel qualified, Don't know how.
It's not Politically Correct. 
Fear of rejection and ridicule.
Christian in name only, Not Born Again.

Your Personal Testimony is Most Effective Way!
Personal testimony is the easiest and most effective way to share your Faith in Jesus Christ.
1. People who know you are interested in you and your life.
2. People can relate to your personal story.
3. People cannot argue with the fact that your life has been transformed.

Learn How To Write Your Personal Testimony.
This Before-How-After testimony writing exercise will help you be ready to tell your story.

Before: Your Life Before You Knew Christ
1. Before you came to Christ, where were you spiritually? How did that
    affect you - your feelings, attitudes, actions, and relationships
2. Before you became a Believer, what were some ways God began drawing 
    you to Christ?

How: Your Conversion
1. What motivated you to invite Christ into your life as Lord and Savior?2. Specifically, how did you come to Christ, receive His forgiveness and
    submit to His Lordship?
3. If a church played a part in your conversion, how did you come in
    contact with that congregation? Who and what do you remember from 
    your visits?

After: Your New Walk With Christ
1. What changed in your life after you accepted Jesus as your Savior?
Finish this sentence: "My prayer is....

Share Your Testimony With 2 People Monthly!

Charles Spurgeonl"The Prince of Preachers" said,"
"Have you no wish for others to be saved?
Then you are not saved yourself".

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