What's Next?

Turn away from your past sinful behavior.

You have a direct communication link with God at all times. It is important that you spend special, quiet time with God every day. The quantity of time is not as important as the quality of time that you spend in prayer. If you don't know what to pray, ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Acknowledge Him for who He is, give Him thanks, bring your petitions to Him, and always remember to sit back and let Him speak to you also.

Read Your Bible Daily.
God's Bible is ALIVE and full of exciting and life changing revelations just waiting for you to receive. God has given us His Bible to study, to absorb, and to bury deep within us. It is our source of Spiritual food. Every possible scenario in life is addressed in God's Word. We have questions - He has answers. He has left nothing out. God does nothing part way. Everything He does is done with purpose and excellence. That includes YOU!

Attend a Bible Teaching, Christ-Centered Church.
It is absolutely imperative that we associate and fellowship with other Christians. We need to learn from more mature Christians that have "been there, done that" and may be able to help us in a certain situation.

Church is a place to learn and grow our relationship with Jesus and worship God. God wants us in fellowship and build relationships with other believers. To love, encourage, support and help one another. A Church is a gathering of Christians to worship God together, learn from the Bible, encourage each other, and welcome new believers into God's family.

Share Your Faith In Christ By Sharing Your Testimony. 

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